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The first CIC dedicated to end loneliness for the younger generation


Beyond Loneliness was created out of a growing awareness that loneliness had become an epidemic particularly among young people, whom had lost connection in real time due to the digital world that we find ourselves in.


We look to promote top-up moments and solutions to bring people together to eradicate the stigma of being lonely and finding a safe place and shared understanding of help and support.

Together we can make a difference.

Community Development


Breaking the Stigma

One of our main strands of our mission is to develop community cohesion projects in local spaces.

Who ever you are, where ever you are. We open up and connect with people who have something to say and something positive to share.

Loneliness has a huge amount of stigma, but we you can change that by talking, listening and sharing.

Social Prescribing

An alternative to some medications is simply human interaction. Remember we're a social species.

Events and Celebrations

Beyond Loneliness host taveover events at community venues, Universities and outdoor spaces to bring people together and celebrate being alive.

Environmental Action

Every time we come together for an event. We also plant 10 trees for each person that attends the event.

Our Audience.

Film Clapboard


Create a re-connected world, Help others and share your story

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